EZ MedReminder

Your Personal Health Guardian

EZ MedReminder, a comprehensive Android and iOS health assistant app, assures timely medication, hydration, and vital checks. It syncs with a plethora of Bluetooth devices to log health data comprehensively.

In addition to maintaining health records, it alerts caregivers, family, and doctors about your health status, forming a robust care network. 

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EZ Pill Dispenser

Accuracy Meets Convenience

EZ Pill Dispenser, an IoT device, innovates medication management through precision. It enables pre-loading medications and setting personalized reminders for ensured adherence.

If doses are missed, the device identifies non-compliance and promptly alerts caregivers or healthcare professionals.

EZ CareAngels

Personalized Caregiving Made Easy

EZ CareAngels, a pioneering Web 3.0 platform, rewards service providers with cash and crypto tokens for their efforts. It offers an array of on-demand caregiving services, right at your doorstep.

The platform’s matchmaking system pairs caregivers based on specialized care needs, location, and personality fit, ensuring personalized care for users.

EZ CareConnect

Your Pathway to Adult Care Facilities

EZ CareConnect serves as an aggregator for adult care facilities, providing users a wide range of options to choose from. It offers detailed information about each facility, aiding users to make informed decisions.

Facilities range from adult daycare, assisted living, nursing homes, memory care, to hospices, catering to every user’s specific requirement.

EZ RxDelivery

Medication Delivery at its Finest

EZ RxDelivery, a secure HIPAA-compliant service, is revolutionizing medication fulfillment with cash and crypto token incentives. It delivers prescriptions right at your doorstep and provides chat services with drivers and pharmacists.

The platform also offers order tracking and refill reminder system, making it an end-to-end solution for all medication needs.

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EZ MedVendor

Your 24/7 Self-service Pharmacy

EZ MedVendor, an AI-powered robotic medicine vending machine, serves as a 24/7 self-service pharmacy. It dispenses over-the-counter and prescription medications, and processes insurance claims within minutes.

With a secure payment and verification system, users can conveniently and securely pick up their medications anytime, making pharmacy visits hassle-free.