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Inspiring Startups with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
StartupCrafters focuses on startups implementing AI technology. Be it building an AI chatbot or if you need a dedicated machine learning engineer – we have got you covered! We are experts in solving complex real world problems using AI and ML technology. Join our 2022 AI cohort.
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Our Experts will get your AI product roadmap Ready

AI & ML are empowering change, driving innovation, and creating exciting new possibilities. Hence, we are forging a path to the future by providing our expertise in AI solutions. 

Our extensive technology ecosystem makes sure that we are the engine to your train, and constantly working towards accelerating your startup. 

As our engineers enhance more and more applications with AI and ML features, we are enabling innovative startups across industries to leverage the right technology.

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Empowering Startups with our AI Experts & Mentors

Kickstart your journey to the road of innovation & disruption 

StartupCrafters is uniquely positioned as a hands-on Studio, Accelerator, Network, and Fund. We onboard qualified idea-stage or early-stage startups. 

We are accepting applications from innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML), DeepTech startups into our 2022 AI/ML Cohort. Last date to submit your application is Jul 31, 2022.  Selected startups will get hands-on expertise at every step of the way.
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Our Expertise

Voice AI

Voice AI is Software which is capable of machine learning and employs a voice user interface to accept commands and respond back. Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are the best examples of Voice AI. Similarly, our AI experts develop models that train to read and understand human speech, bridging the communication gap between human languages and computer codes, eventually opening the doors for innovation.

Vision AI

Vision AI/Computer Vision trains computers to replicate the human vision system. This enables digital devices ( QR Code Scanners and face detectors) to identify and process objects in images and videos, just like humans. Personalized image search on eCommerce stores, 3D model building (Photogrammetry), aerial images on a map, face recognition, object detection, MRI scans are some of the best examples of AI Vision.

Contextual Chatbots

Pitch your brilliant ideas that are based on contextual chatbots, as solutions to various real-world challenges. Together, we can combine Voice AI, Vision AI or IoT and build hybrid solutions. AI Experts at StartupCrafters have proven expertise in voice synthesis, speech to text, and vice versa. Analyzing data extracted from several audio sources to generate actionable insights and automation.

Cognitive Analytics

Our ace cognitive analytics engineers hold expertise in building human-like intelligence to certain tasks, and brings together a number of intelligent technologies, including semantics, artificial intelligence algorithms, deep learning and machine learning. Rely on us to solve real-world problems and build category leading products.

Join our AI Cohort

Make Your Startup Fundable in Just 180 Days

Our ‘90 days to innovate’ program covers everything for you - from ideation, user journey, UI/UX design, clickable prototype to solution architecture & MVP development. We also cover branding, go-to-market strategy and pre-launch roll-out.

Our ‘90 days to accelerate’ program covers early traction and feedback, product enhancements to achieve product-market-fit, and blitzscale. Further we will connect with technology partners and our global partner network to help you grow your sales/revenues.

You will have a refined pitch deck and financials to present in front of VCs on the demo day.

With StartupCrafters, you are one step closer to making your startup a success.


Our AI studio offers everything from contextual chatbot, Machine learning to vision AI and voice-based AI.

You can leverage our AI expertise if you are an idea-stage or early-stage startup founder or an entrepreneur.

Every AI & ML platform is different and can range from a simple chatbot with a straightforward use case to a sophisticated application with complex logic.
Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us with your requirements, we will assess the scope of your application and then define the budget.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which is an iconic term for any computer program that does something smart. In other words, all Machine Learning is AI, but not all Artificial Intelligence is ML.

You can visit and fill the application form by clicking this link. Our team will get back to you soon

We are accepting applications from disruptive idea-stage & early-stage startups.

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