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StartupCrafters provides you the ‘Pitch Day’ platform to present your startup ideas or products to an elite group of investors, and take your startup Idea to the next level.
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We enable the founders stay focused on their core strengths

Application Process

It may sound as ‘too good to be true’, 
but we have earned a reputation for building ‘startups’ in 180 days.

Giving you flexibility to grow in the markets that you are targeting,
while leaving the rigors of design, engineering, marketing, and much more to us.

Pitch Evaluation

Your pitch will be evaluated by our investment analysts and domain experts, who will provide you with feedback on ‘investment-readiness’ and advise the next steps.

pitch day
selection process

Selection Process

Based on your story and merits of your startup, either you will be selected by our Startup Studio to build and launch a world-class product or our Accelerator program to blitzscale and prepare you for the investor pitch.

Startup Studio

We embrace new-age technologies such as Vision AI, Voice AI, Blockchain, Crypto, IoT, Industrial Design, Electro-Mechanical Devices, Extended Reality, Metaverse, and more. Leverage our top-notch talent, stringent processes, and meticulous execution to turn your ideas into world-class software and hardware products.

startup studio

Startup Accelerator

As part of our custom accelerator program, we review the idea, vision, and pitch deck. Our team helps in redesigning the deck, develop financial models, valuations to make it a due-diligence-ready startup, and prepare founders with mock pitch sessions, provide necessary coaching, and tips to make a winning pitch on the demo day.

Pitch Prep

We analyze the capital raising options for our portfolio startup founders to determine the best path forward. We help startups with finding the right strategic investors from our ecosystem of angel investors and VCs. Further, through our warm introductions and follow ups with suitable investors, our startup founders often get the highest response rate possible.

pitch prep
never lose

Never Lose Focus

Startups evolve through multiple phases and founders manage several tasks simultaneously. When founders try to juggle, they tend to lose focus on the core purpose that is; generating sales and enhancing customer experience. With our hands-on approach in building products, go-to-market strategies and to raising capital, the founders can focus solely on what matters most for the startup - sales, customer service, and growth.

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