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We aim to nurture & empower startups in the disruptive HealthTech Industry

StartupCrafters is uniquely positioned as a hands-on Studio, Accelerator, Network, and Fund. We onboard qualified idea-stage or early-stage startups.

We are accepting applications from innovative startups in HealthTech Space into our 2022 Cohort. Selected startups will get hands-on expertise at every step of the way. 


Join Our 2022 HealthTech Cohort!

In this cohort, we intend to bring forward the bright ideators and early-stage players in the healthcare sector. Conducting this cohort  is indeed a strategic move, considering the post-pandemic situation across the globe. It is only safe to say that the future lies in the advancement of the HealthTech sector.

Our Startup Studio holds strong experience and expertise in the Healthtech domain. We have collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Why Should You Join Our 2022 HealthTech Cohort?

You can network with the fellow cohort members/participants to brainstorm new startup ideas and also probably find a perfect co-founder, and pitch your idea.

It's going to be a great networking event, you’d be learning about; how to build startups - from ideation to launch, build early traction and raise venture capital and much more.

We will help you in building and accelerating your startup journey with our team of domain experts, mentors, new-age technology developers and innovative ideas.

About Agency

A bit about EZ Pill Dispenser

With EZPD, we aim to reinvent the medication management system. 

It is a voice AI powered smart IOT device that calls patients by their name and dispenses their prescribed medicines on time.

Imagine, how amazing it is to receive automated voice alerts if you have skipped your important dose of medicine? This device never lets you miss out on your medicines by sending you daily reminders.

It’s a multi-dose, multi-cartridge model, where cartridges are filled, verified, sealed and signed by pharmacists to avoid any wrong prescription.

USPs of EZ Pill Dispenser

Timely medication reminders

Get daily reminders & never miss a dose

Emergency voice alerts

Get notified for missed dose, low battery & low pill count

Multi-cartridge model

Cartridges are filled, verified, sealed and signed by pharmacists

OTP enabled Security

OTP enabled, tamper-resistant with a smart lock system

7 hour battery Backup

7 hour backup after disconnecting from the charging port

About StartupCrafters

We are a venture studio with a deep commitment to help startups at every step of the way to success. We have a promising startup portfolio – EdTech, HealthTech, FashionTech, FinTech and much more, covering AI, IoT, Extended Reality, Web 3.0, Metaverse etc.

We provide TECH + GTM + FUND. 18 innovative startups built since Jan 2021.

Our proven model: 90 days to innovate and launch + 90 days to accelerate. Result – Investment-ready startup in just 180 days.

Looking forward to your applications!

Wish you the best!

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